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Business Growth Specialists

Experienced business specialists to help you build, fix and grow your business. MORE

Internet Marketing and SEO

Achieve high search engine rankings that give you more website visitors - PLUS. MORE

Google and SEO Optimisation 

SEO services will help your website to be listed in a prime position on major search engines. MORE

Build Your Lead Generation Website

Your website design and unique content is your 24*7 sales resource. Try a free 30 day trial. MORE

Business Management Consultant

Businesses face challenging times, yet many continue to operate the way they started or the way they have become accustomed.

Day-to-day activities are all too consuming with management becoming reactive rather than proactive.

As a business management consultant for small to medium enterprises with an ”outsider view”, we are the catalyst for new ideas and will bring a fresh outlook to your business.

Everything in every business begins and ends with customers - a customer-centric approach is the driver of growth and excellence.

“Take dead aim” – Harvey Penick (acclaimed American golf professional and coach)

Consider what your organisation would be like if you took a simple yet effective five-step action plan to:

  • Increase the number of customers your business currently has.
    • Are you still using traditional marketing methods?
    • Do you know if your marketing dollar is working?
    • Is your website generating more leads, more sales from new prospects?
    • Is your website ranking in Google? Do you measure your website?
  • Generate more income from existing customers.
    • How much revenue and profit do you get from each customer now?
    • What else does your customer need?
    • What else can you sell to them?
  • Exploit the lifetime value of a customer.
    • What is each customer worth to you over 1, 3, 5 and more years?
  • Create a compelling reason for customers to do business with you.
    • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • Break down the barriers to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Do you have customer relationship management system?
    • Do you have a customer satisfaction process?
  • Make your operation more efficient to increase margins.
    • Do you know where the operational budget is going?
    • Have you reviewed your operation to see what can be trimmed?
    • Are you using technology to streamline your business?

Each of these on their own, once well planned and actioned has the potential to change your bottom line profits. When done together, the result can be outstanding.

If your business is underperforming you may find some of the following important clues:

  • You are working harder for less profit.
  • Acquisition of new customer is not increasing as you would like.
  • There are more competitors direct and on the internet that impact your business.
  • Your systems are not as efficient as you want them to be.
  • Your business requires your daily and direct involvement in everything.

For an initial, no obligation discussion with a business management consultant with a difference, please contact us.

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