Internet Marketing Australia

Internet marketing in Australia is fast becoming one of the primary initiatives for companies to grow their business. If you are well represented on the internet, customers and prospects will find your company, your products and your services. The internet provides a quick, easy and anonymous way to research any problem or any solution that people are looking for.

There are two primary goals to internet marketing and search engine optimisation services. Firstly, bring visitors to your website in a sustainable way and secondly convince your visitors through your website content - your unique positioning and website design  - to contact you or buy from you.

This is a business strategy, not a technical one. Internet marketing requires business and marketing experience to be successful. The ultimate goal is to produce more opportunities to convert to sales. Your website and internet marketing therefore is a key part of your business plan and marketing strategies. Both should be integrated into your traditional marketing activities so that each leverage the other to maximise your marketing dollar.

It is a fact that websites that are listed (ranked) higher in search engine results are more likely to get visitors, leads and opportunities. People on the internet do not tend to go past the first page of results, perhaps the second before changing their search terms. Think of your own behaviour when using the internet.....why would someone coming to your site behave any differently?

- Your ability to rank high will determine how effective you are at bringing people to your website.

People will research their problems quickly, make an assessment of your solution and your competitors and then decide on whom to contact.

- Your ability to convert them to an action will be determined by the quality of the information you have on your site and how easy it is to find.

Understanding how to make a website is more than just having a web designer discuss and agree on the look and feel of your site. You must first understand your business needs now and in the future. For example some of the questions you may need to ask yourself are:

  • Will I maintain my own website, adding new content and new pages?
  • Will I require email marketing and will I build my database through enquiries and subscriptions?
  • Will I sell online and will I need an E-Commerce engine including payment gateways?
  • Will I talk with my visitors, customers and prospects through my own "blog"?

You need to think of your internet marketing strategy and your website as you would any other marketing campaign. Before you consider a website design you should know:

  • Your market by conducting an keyword in-depth analysis of what are the exact words and phrases people use.
  • How to choose the keywords considering both the number of searches made and the competition for each keyword. 
  • How you will target that market with material relevant to the search they have made.
  • The structure of each web page as if each was an individual marketing campaign and lead your visitor through your site.
  • What you want your visitor to do by having a strong and clear call to action.
  • How you will make it easy for your visitor to get the information they are looking for.  

Understanding the search engine optimisation services you need is more than just choosing some words or phrases that you think are relevant. There are a number of components that search engine optimisation company should do to optimise your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Each search engine has their own criteria for ranking your website. However, if you build your website with a foundation from an in-depth keyword analysis and develop your content around this, then you will be in an excellent position to improve your ranking across the board. Some of the processes that need to be taken are:

  • Conduct your keyword analysis based on volume of searches and the competitive position of each keyword
  • Ensure that all the necessary work is done on each web page to show the search engines what your page is about. This is referred to as "on page" optimisation. Your keywords are the primary factor that will influence this.
  • Develop "off page" strategies such as linking your website into internet directories, other relevant websites that can refer back to yours and developing articles and press releases with links back to your website.
  • Developing strategies around social media marketing such as blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter

 Internet marketing in Australia is a highly competitive landscape and a professional approach is required to be successful.


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