About Quantum Profit Growth

Geoff Cooper is operationally experienced across large, medium and small businesses having had CEO and senior management roles. Geoff works with you to implement well proven management, profitability and organizational improvements to meet the challenges you face.

Geoff Cooper:

Geoff is a business management consultant providing objective advice and expertise to help you build, fix and grow your business. Geoff specialises in eBusiness using your website and the internet to increase revenue and profits. Dealing with the facts about your website, your market and competitors on the internet, Geoff builds and implements structured processes to make your website work for you, capturing visitors, leads and sales. Geoff's business career includes:
• Restructuring an Australian software company in voluntary administration to a stable operation with positive shareholder results and new product development.
• Providing high end mainframe computer solutions to large enterprises in Banking, Insurance, Airlines, Telecoms and Government.
    - Managed regional business ($25M) in ASEAN during the Asian currency crisis, increasing revenues and profit
    - Transitioned operations in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia to parent company (Fujitsu) following takeover. 
    - Managed the NSW/Qld ($25M) region during an extended product transition period, retaining customers and growing business. 
    - Managed the Thailand operation ($15M) as general manager and primary sales resource.
    - Managed the marketing of computer storage products for Asia-Pacific.
    - Account Manager for major accounts in Sydney 
• Developing online business during “dot.com” era specialising in online applications for agribusiness.

• Business growth consulting to SMEs with expert knowledge on internet marketing and eBusiness strategies and implementation.

• Consulting assignments long and short term in sales, marketing, change management and restructuring.




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