Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

Search engine optimisation specialists work with you to ensure that your webpages rank in a high position in search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. A high ranking will result in more visitors to your website giving you the ability to reach more of your target market.

Search engine optimisation specialists are process driven. SEO is not a magic art but it needs a well defined internet marketing strategy that defines the work needed to initially obtain and then maintain your position for search terms. The processes that must be undertaken are:

Target Market Keyword Analysis

A thorough keyword analysis is the foundation that a search engine optimisation strategy is built. The success of your website is dependant on this.

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your target market on the internet by finding all the search phrases (keywords) relevant to your business and the monthly volume of searches. You should expect quite a few thousand keywords to be found.
  • Workshop these search phrases with you to ensure that you understand the words that your potential visitors are using and get your business input for each keywords' relevance to your business. You will find that this reduces the pool of keywords. 
  • Research the competition for each keyword based on the number of other web pages also targeting these terms.
  • Conduct a workshop with you to select the target keywords based on two criteria - the volume of monthly searches and the competition for each. These will provide a manageable set of target keywords for your website.

Build a Content Map Of Your Website

A website content map represents all the pages that will need to be created and the priority of development over time for your business. This map also defines the "on page" search engine optimisation for each page.

Build "On Page" Metatags

Using the target keywords, your search engine optimisation specialist will define all the tags for each web page that search engines look for as part of the optimisation process. These tags include:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keyword Tag
  • Heading 1 Tag
  • Other Heading Tags
  • Tags for Images on your page
  • Tags for linking between pages of your website

Develop a Strategy for "Off Page" SEO

The most important process a search engine optimisation specialist can undertake is to develop a comprehensive "off page" strategy for each of your primary keywords. This means that you need to have webpages from other websites with content that is relevant to the search term link to yours. Google places a very heavy emphasis on this. This strategy should include links from:

  • Internet Directories
  • Other web sites that provide relevant content
  • Online article sites
  • Online press release sites
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Other social media such as Facebook and Twitter

When creating this content, you must provide the keyword with a hyperlink back to your web page. In this way you are telling the search engines that this keywords is linked to this web page.

SEO Measurement

Search engine optimisation specialists will work with you to measure the progress of each keyword. Is each keyword moving up the rankings? This should be done on a very regular basis.
Measurement will define what else needs to be done to drive the ranking higher or to maintain your keyword ranking.





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