Small Business Planning Sydney

The most successful small businesses plan their way to growth, driven by tasks specific to every part of their organisation. Small business planning requires a proactive approach to continually transform a business to keep pace with changing market conditions.

Successful small businesses have the passion to achieve specific goals shared by capable staff.

Some of the critical questions you need to answer before you begin to develop plans for your business could be:

What are the biggest problems or challenges you face in your business today?

  • Cash flow
  • Generating new sales leads
  • Lack of company direction including
    • What do we want to sell
    • Where do we want to sell
    • Who do we sell to
  • What are the most profitable products
  • General budgeting of revenue and costs

What do you think are the causes?

  • Economy,
  • Staff,
  • Competitors,
  • Products and services not keeping pace with market changes,
  • Product or service pricing under pressure

High Level Tasks Examples

Main Action Points & High Level Tasks

Website requires internet marketing strategy. It is a major lead generator and can significantly increase our profile and positioning.

Unique Selling Proposition
Using workshops develop a company and product/service USP.

Methodologies & Productisation
Document the current staff knowledge and skills. Develop intellectual property that can be leveraged to create value based methodologies.

Human Resource Strategy
Develop a program to attract experienced personnel and a training program to ensure their success.

Staff Communication & Training
Activate regular staff communication and education meetings. Set a formal agenda.

Create a specific marketing campaign to engage each market segment decision makers. Highlight capabilities and ability to deliver significantly more value.

Sales Process
Document a tangible and repeatable sales process that will assist on closing opportunities quickly.

Contact Customers
Develop a programme of regular customer contact. They are immediate sources of new business and referrals.

Establish a Referral Programme
Develop a referral system.

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