Website Audit & SEO Audit Report

A website audit report to be comprehensive and complete must also include an SEO audit report.

Auditing your website should be done in the following situations:

  • There is a noticeable drop in website traffic
  • Before starting a web redesign project
  • Before starting an SEO project
  • Regularly to ensure that you maintain pace with the latest search engine guidelines

Using website analysis tools we can provide a comprehensive website audit including an SEO audit. By analyzing key aspects of your website we will be able to determine whether your website is operating to prime capacity and highlight areas that need improvement.


  • Review # of indexed pages
  • Review # of indexed images
  • Review Webmaster Tool Data at both Google and Bing
  • Check cached content for important pages
  • Are they ranking for Company Name, Brand and Unique Terms?
  • Check 404 Error Handler
  • Review robots.txt file and .htaccess file
  • Review XML Sitemap
  • Does the site have an indexable navigation system?
  • Check the site with a Smartphone such as a Droid, or iPhone
  • Conduct a Test Crawl to watch for errors

Duplicate Content

  • Check for off-site duplicate content problems
  • Are both the www and non-www versions of the site indexed?
  • Is there a duplicate issue with mobile content?
  • Are there 301 redirects in place to the preferred (www or non-www) canonical version?
  • Do a search
  • Is the site a dynamic database driven site, or does it use tracking URLs?
  • Check for additional Domains, subdomains, subdirectories and secure servers for duplicate content.

Load Time

  • Google Page Speed
  • Test Response Time


  • Does the home page of the site have indexable text of at least one paragraph?
  • What is the Readability Level of Important Content?
  • Does the site have over usage of important keywords?
  • Meta Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Are images optimized?
  • Text Formatting
  • Advertising
  • Desktop Compatibility
  • Mobile / Tablet Compatibility
  • Are there Rich Snippets compatible with in use?
  • Are Facebook/G+ Open Graph Tags in use?
  • Canonical Issues
  • Are iframes or frames in use?
  • Is JavaScript used to generate content, or used excessively?

Site Architecture

  • Click Depth
  • Content Structure
  • Navigation
  • Link Anchor Text Structure
  • Are Mobile Redirects working correctly?
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

Local Search

  • Does the business have an Owner Verified Google Place Page?
  • External Citations and Reviews
  • Do Address & Phone Number on the Google Place Page and Web site match exactly?
  • Does the Web Site Title Tag contain the City and State?
  • Are City and State, and/or other location related Keywords in use within H tags and Body Text?
  • Does the site make use of a KML File? Is it verified in Google's Webmaster Tools?

Videos and Images

  • If there is video hosted on the site, is an XML Video Sitemap used?
  • Are XML Image Sitemaps used?


  • Form Testing
  • Review WHOIS contact data
  • What is the Site's uptime?
  • Run a DNS Server Test

To assure yourself that your website is meeting industry benchmarks and the guidelines set out by the search engines such as Google, contact us now for a complete website audit and SEO audit.


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